Farewell Dinners

Human life is fragile ... and the death of a loved one is a difficult moment in the life of every human being ... Let, that in the severe and painful period, to hotelik Atelier prepared for your farewell dinner for all these, where the deceased person was not indifferent. For guests leave the two rooms: v Kameralna Maroon Hall, which organize parties to 30 people in Banquet Hall, where you can organize acceptable even for 120 people. Farewell Dinners are held from 30 zł od osoby, 2 types of cakes – 5 zł per person. Discretion, intimate interior, individual way and expert advice in the selection of qualitative and quantitative menu, and the commitment of staff will, so that you were satisfied with the organization of the farewell dinner at our restaurant. In order to arrange and offer specific menu, personal contact or by telephone at the telephone number:

Reception: 89 715 51 15