First Holy Communion - Is an important celebration for children and their parents, associated with the adoption of the sacrament of the Eucharist in the form of host. Children up to the day preparing for the year, but parents are welcome to take advantage of the small hotel deals Atelier for cocktails in the restaurant. For guests leave the two rooms: ♦ Kameralna Maroon Hall, which organize parties to 30 people

♦  Banquet Hall, where you can organize a party even 120 people. Communion Receptions are held from 80 zł per person. Individual way and expert advice in choosing the quality and quantity of menu, room decor and choice of cake as well as the involvement of staff will, so that you were very satisfied with the organization so important for your child Celebrations in our restaurant. In order to arrange and offer specific menu, personal contact or by telephone at the telephone number:

Reception: 89 715 51 15